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Key Responsibilities & Duties

· Understand the business and collects the information required in order to assist users in identifying the best technological solution;
· Lead business requirements initiatives, functional and non-functional, and prepare the documentation required to implement IT projects;
· Understand IT systems to guide users to design and implement solutions aligned and/or complementary with the IT system;
· Design and configure IT solutions to respond to changes in existing or new systems;
· Deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot core business applications, including application servers, associated hardware, endpoints, and databases
· Be able to define and validate prototypes featuring IT system changes and new requirements as needed;
· Be able to construct and define use cases;
· Create test plans to verify that requirements and specifications are met;
· Specify functional test cases;
· Participate in the process for estimating and planning IT projects;
· Be able to understand and model business processes;
· Implement best practices for scalability, supportability, ease of maintenance, and system performance
· Participate in coaching and mentoring other analysts in their role.

Academic and Other Requirements

· Knowledge and expertise in MAPFRE’s corporate solution TRON/NEWTRON would be considered an asset;
· A business or IT related degree or higher;
· A minimum of three years’ experience in a similar role;
· Excellent communication skills – verbal and written;
· Excellent command of the English language (Spanish will be considered an asset);
· Client oriented;
· Excellent in negotiation skills;
· Be able to prioritize work in accordance with the exigencies of the company;
· Be able to build strong and lasting relationships with end-users, partners and providers of services;
· Versant in typical software development methodologies – waterfall, agile etc.
· IT technical knowledge in the basic principles of software engineering and SQL;
· Be able to travel.

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